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Windows Thread, One user account with TEMP profile in Technical; Hi all, Here is a very strange login issue. We have one user that has a problem user account that ...
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    One user account with TEMP profile

    Hi all,

    Here is a very strange login issue.

    We have one user that has a problem user account that when they log on, they get the roaming profile error box and it creates a temp profile. All the students use mandatory profiles and they have all the same permissions. We run a Server 2003 Enterprise with Window XP Professional enviroment.

    I have tested the students account on different machines in different rooms and it still creates a temp profile. For a test I deleted the user account and recreated it and recreated the students home folder. Still no joy. But when I created a user account by using the copy function from the template with a fictional name (for example: Wibble Woo login as wwoo09), works perfectly. I recreated the students login multiple times with added numbers in the login string:

    Example: jdoe09, jdoe009, jdoe109 etc.

    Does active directory hate jdoe?

    I even deleted any local profiles on the machines I tested the login with. Forgot to mention that the jdoe account works fine on our network admin machine but hates student machines.

    I'm pullin my hair out aaarrrgghh!

    Help will be super. Cheers guys

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    What I would do is disable the account and create a new account and copy the files over to the new user folder. Give the details to the student. It sounds to me like a permissions problem but you could spend hours messing and is it worth it.


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