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Windows Thread, Exchange Inteligent Message Filtering. in Technical; I've got this feature installed and turned on, it's detecting the spam, but not doing actions. I've tried, delete and ...
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    Exchange Inteligent Message Filtering.

    I've got this feature installed and turned on, it's detecting the spam, but not doing actions. I've tried, delete and move to junk mail, as the action setting on exchange 2003 but all that happens is they still go to the inbox with {spam?} added to the subject line. Why is it being lazy?

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    Re: Exchange Inteligent Message Filtering.

    1) Have you enabled IMF on the SMTP Virtual Server?
    2) You've 'sanity-checked' the settings on the IMF filter page to make sure your values for filter to junkmail and for gateway blocking are sane in relation to each other (e.g. you're not delivering and routing to junkmail folders at a higher priority than you're trying to discard mail).

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    Re: Exchange Inteligent Message Filtering.

    One thing that gets a lot of people, on your outlook clients (not Outlook Web Access), you need to be running in Cached Exchange mode it get it to automatically seperate your Spam and Ham into your Inbox and Junk Mail box. The difference that makes is amazing, try it on your heavy spammed users inboxes and the will show how well it is working as well.

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