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Windows Thread, Projectors in Technical; Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone has come across this problem yet! The school i am working at had some ...
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    Hi Guys

    Just wondering if anyone has come across this problem yet!
    The school i am working at had some projectors installed by promethean few years back with security cages around them.

    Now these are the Sanyo SW35 and it has come to a point where these are just useless and making too much noise + picture is faded.

    Now i rang them to see if they do an alternative and whether the new projector will fit in the new cages but it seems like they can't help me.

    Has anyone come across this issue and did you find an alternative projector? or am i facing the change of the whole security cage?


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    Personally I've not seen any installations done by Promethean themselves, so I'm not sure what kit they use, but there's a high chance it's just a universal security cage of some sort. Thing to do really is get one down if you can and have a look at it in more detail.


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    Most of those cages just have universal fittings, meaning you should be able to fit anything into them, providing they're smaller. They're just ruddy useless when you need to do some rather important things like giving filters a decent clean, replacing lamps etc

    Promethean fittings have been a bit - well, shoddy in a few of my schools. The kit is fairly good, just their fitting teams are not much short of "whoever was available at the time". They even cut corners by using serial faceplates in one school forcing them to use horrible USB>Serial adapters which are about as reliable as a plumber's estimate. Not long ago I had them replace the lot with long USB cables.

    Now, take a look at the cages you have at the moment. Chances are they have a series of slots on the top (fitting) side diagonally placed - if so, just about any projector will fit. I'd say it's rather unprofessional of someone to disregard their own previous handiwork - it might be worth pressing them a bit more, something along the lines of "hey, if these were going to be a problem only 3 years down the line, why on earth did you fit them then! Take responsibility!"

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    Provided they are universal there are a couple of things to take into account when replacing a projector, you need to ensure the throw distance is roughly the same(projector point will help with this) as different projectors produce different size images at varying distances, the last thing you want to be doing is having the pole moved.

    You'll also ideally want to get a projector with the bulb on the same side as the original otherwise the image might not quite fit on the board correctly.

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