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Windows Thread, Read only profile - Local in Technical; Any Ideas how to make a profile read only, for a local non network machine, I have tried seeting mandatory ...
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    Read only profile - Local

    Any Ideas how to make a profile read only, for a local non network machine, I have tried seeting mandatory profile by changing the profile to a .man but settings are still saved.

    I am looking to set the whole profile, application data, etc to be read only, so no nasties can affect it plus it dont grow to riduclous size, but I still would like the desktop, and my documents to still be read and write too so the user can still save work. Also I hoping I can then back-up the profile, so I can then allow changes to be made themes, etc which I guess are all profile based to be in place and then back read only. reason for backup incase things go wrong.

    Any Ideas ? thanks in advance

    Using Windows XP Pro.

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    Check Microsoft's SteadyState.

    That should do the trick.

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    local deafult user

    just set up a profile how you want it to be, and then copy it over the default local user profile.

    this is really easy to do, and altough it has been a part of windows for years, micro shaft have blocked you from doing this in visturd, and winduz7. which is F**KING UNBELIEVABLE !!!!

    I have only tested the beta of windows 7, but if you cannot set up a default local user profile, then i simply cannot do my job properly, and it discriminates against anyone with special needs, or young children etc, and causes chaos in the ict suite.

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