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Windows Thread, Transfer MS OEM license in Technical; Originally Posted by localzuk It isn't a matter of them physically checking - it is simply down to the terms ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    It isn't a matter of them physically checking - it is simply down to the terms of the license. Lots of software has limits such as 'only can be run on 5 machines', but has no method to check this. You wouldn't install it on more than 5 machines though, as the license doesn't allow it. Same with the XP OEM license.
    There's a difference between "can only be run on (up to) 5 machines at one time" and "can only only ever be used on 5 machines".
    Note that "licences" are subject to the "law of the land". You really need to ask the specific question to a lawyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    Your machine is a 'new' machine if you upgrade the motherboard according to the MS OEM license IIRC.
    It seems very unfair if the motherboard dies and requires replacement with a slightly different one (because the original one isn't produced any longer) the OEM licence *may* be invalidated. It's interesting that another comment here indicated that a new, different motherboard, would be OK!

    I guess that confusion has been created by MS fomulating licence agreements that the majority of ordinary folks have no chance of understanding! I realise that they want to maximise their profit and stop illegal activity etc. Why not just create a single installation disk which replaces OEM and Retail and is priced somewhere in the middle?

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    i'm pretty sure that MS activation uses the serials of multiple components (HDD, processor, ram , M/B etc) and if too many change, it sets the alarm off.

    A M/B change shouldn't affect the activation status of the machine

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    Can say for certain that it does affect activation status if the board is very different and comes with new CPU.

    Replaced the board in my old desktop, formerly a server, P4 HT, with a truly stunning Core2Quad and board and the activation whatsit threw a hissy-fit and DEMANDED that I re-establish my link to the collective (THEY ARE BORG, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE).

    However, activation and licensing are not the same - you need to re-activate XP when your hardware changes a lot, but it's not counted as a different machine, simply the same one that needs re-activating.

    I'm fairly sure that after about 2-3 activations, they'll grill you on the phone to find out how many machines it's on, whether you bought it in a shop, all kinds really to try and catch out bad backstreet computer shops selling the same OEM license over and over.

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    sounds like Theseus's paradox to me!

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