Just spent the day trying to recover a corrupt Master DB file which was preventing one of our SQL servers from starting, no joy and no internet solutions helped (Couldn't do a repair etc because the agent wasn't started, then tried to restore a very old 2008 Master DB file which worked partially but when we went to try putting it in single user mode so we could restore from a recent backup file it complained our SQL installation was corrupt or had been tampered with!)

Anyway since it is Friday I thought 'sod it' and did a full uninstall of all the SQL Server 2005 components from the server, then did a fresh install using the same service instance name

Now the server has a fresh install with a fresh set of 'system' databases, how do we go about restoring the old databases? Is there a particular order we need to follow, i.e. does the master DB need to be first?

Also have the SQL Agent jobs and 'database maintenance plans' been lost during the reinstall or are they in data files somewhere too?