Please bear with my poor explanation of my question as i am very new to ISA. What i want to do is this: I have (just for testing At the mo) set up
so users cannot download certain files. I am using the .pdf file extension for testing. I have successfully got this to work and when a user tries to download a
pdf file it goes to the default ISA url page. What i would like it to go to is a custom webpage that i have hosted on our web space. I set the file ban up like this,

Go to the outbound HTTP Rule you are working with and select the Protocols Tab.
Click the Filtering Button at the bottom and choose HTTP
Select the Extensions Tab
Set the drop-down list to "Block specified extensions"
Click "Add"
I added .pdf for testing purposes at the moment.

Is there anyway i can redirect the default ISA url to point to a Url of my choice. I know this can be done on a Rule i have set up to ban certain websites and have got that redirecting to a custom web page already.