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Windows Thread, Windows Deployment Service in Technical; Ive got a windows 2003 server, and i went to setup RIS on it and found that is not there ...
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    Windows Deployment Service

    Ive got a windows 2003 server, and i went to setup RIS on it and found that is not there as when i updated to SP2 it installs windows deployment service, and i haven't got a clue on how to set it up, and the walkthroughs on the MS website talk about vista and its XP im wanting to deploy.

    How do i go about setting it up? i need to find a boot.wim file on the installation CD but cannot find that anywhere. am i just being dumb?

    Cheers guys

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    I found WDS to be nothing but a pain in the proverbial (like many MS products these days!).

    Try looking at FOG instead - (do a search on here, there's load of info). I had it up and running in less than an hour - it's simple, intuitive and has some great features.... oh, and it's waaay faster at imaging than anything else I've seen - we were doing 8Gb XP Pro images in 11 minutes the other day (12 machines simultaneously).

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    Configure WDS into Mixed Mode, and it gives you an emulated RIS setup.

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