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Windows Thread, IIS settings - Error pages in Technical; Hi, Does anyone know of a good guide or tips to get error pages working in iis7 please?...
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    IIS settings - Error pages


    Does anyone know of a good guide or tips to get error pages working in iis7 please?
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    These should show you how to go about setting up custom pages:
    IIS7 ? Enabling Custom Error Pages - rakkimk : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
    How to configure IIS7

    If that does not work you can specify them in the web.config file like this:
    Prabir's Blog | Custom Error for non ASP.NET files

    and this tels you how to turn on failure tracing which is also quite useful:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1m4el_iWxc"]YouTube - IIS7 Tutorial- Failed Request Tracing demo[/ame]

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