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Windows Thread, Active Desktop - HELP! in Technical; i've assigned some nice active desktop (html files) to show people at a galance which year pupils are in or ...
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    Active Desktop - HELP!

    i've assigned some nice active desktop (html files) to show people at a galance which year pupils are in or if a staff member is logged on, the scripts and everything works fine. However I have an issue whereby if the user has local admin access then the desktop fails to appear and needs the application data directory to be removed this work sometimes but not all the time sadly! Also when you go to the properties right clicking on the desktop it shows the active desktop wallpaper properly under themes!!!!!

    Please help me this is really getting annoying!


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    Re: Active Desktop - HELP!


    I know that this is not the answer that you want but it might sort the problem for you. Have a look at http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/BgInfo.html. Its a program that creates a graphic with information on it and then saves it to a file and applies it as a desktop. If you run it as a start up script you can apply and give the different groups a different desktop with different information and that information is as up to date as the last log on.

    We use it at several schools and its great.


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    Re: Active Desktop - HELP!

    BGinfo here at Moorisde too - excellent utility - worth its weight in gold

    I display the IP address and PC Name in the top right corner and set the wallpaper with it.. works better than GPO!

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