Dear all,

Due to a new Thin Client setup, and limitations with running pykoticon on a terminal server (it runs as a server as far as I can tell, so having multiple copies for multiple users wouldn't appear to work), I've decided to remove the "are you sure you want to print" dialogue, and present the user's balance on the desktop as a program.

I therefore created a little program in VB .net to run on all the machines in the school. There are 3 prerequisites: 1) PostgreSQL ODBC Driver (deployed by GPO); 2) On 64 bit machines, the DSN will need #
manually creating (haven't figured creation of a 32 bit DSN) - If I get time, I'll look at sorting this out; 3) The pykota database server must allow connections from other IPs (ie your client IP addresses), I set this for the read only pykota user only.

If anyone would like a copy of the sln, PM me your email address, and I'll send it across. If enough people are interested, I'll tidy the code up a bit, and post the entire thing on here. I would put a compiled version up, but I've left the configuration bits (server name, db name, password etc) in the code.