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Windows Thread, Expo Electro in Technical; teacher has forgotton admin login it was written down in the user manual and has been thrown away. Anyone know ...
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    Expo Electro

    teacher has forgotton admin login it was written down in the user manual and has been thrown away. Anyone know how to reset passwords on it. Might be in the manual.


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    We don't have that particular piece of software but we do run Metro Electro 1 and 2

    will PM you with default passwords, it may help you.

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    This happened to me: -

    To reset the username and password, you will need to open a file called "backup_config.xml" (in Notepad) found on the following path on the server:

    <local path>\Harcourt Education\Elf_Solution\bin

    About 10 lines down there is an XML tag called <username>.

    Step 1: Copy and paste the contents between the opening and closing tags into the username field of the HMC console.

    The line beneath this in the "backup_config.xml" file has a tag called <password>.

    Step 2: Copy the GUID including the parenthesis into the password field of the HMC.

    These two steps will log you into the console, from there you can reset the Admin password.

    NOTE: The GUID in the <password> tag is contained in the SQL Server Instance (MSSQL$HMC) and is created by a trigger during install.

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