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Windows Thread, Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM ISO? in Technical; Does anyone have an .iso of a generic Windows XP Professional SP2 OEM install? I have a product key but ...
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    Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM ISO?

    Does anyone have an .iso of a generic Windows XP Professional SP2 OEM install?

    I have a product key but no media after lending it to a mate for him to do a reinstall last year and haven't seen it since.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have a Volume or retail copy of the XP CD you can change it to OEM by messing with the PID:

    Use OEM Version to Upgrade XP

    Have seen it work fine but upgrading with an OEM key may cause problems.

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    I've not looked at the link, but I know that the setupp.ini file in i386 gives an indication about whether the installation disk is retail, OEM or VLK. I have seen several posts elsewhere which suggest that this isn't the only difference though between the various installation disks.

    BTW, I assume that it's legal to copy an installation disk because the fee paid is really for the key, rather than the media. I know that on my installation disk it says:

    "Do not lend or make illegal copies of this software"

    which implies that there are circumstances whereby the disk can be copied (otherwise it wouldn't specify "illlegal" but simply say something like "Do not lend or make copies of this software"). I know that Microsoft licencing is an absolute nightmare - perhaps someone with a deeper understanding of the topic can enlighten me (everyone)?

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    There's also the fact that if you have a bulk license agreement with Microsoft, you can go to their site and download the ISO / IMG / EXE files for the stuff you have a license for (and a bunch of other stuff too). Which saves MS the postage..

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