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Windows Thread, How to get this Activated in Technical; Hi All I am just installed map info software ( Pitney Bowes MapInfo: Introducing MapInfo Professional 9.5 ) on one ...
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    How to get this Activated

    Hi All

    I am just installed map info software (Pitney Bowes MapInfo: Introducing MapInfo Professional 9.5) on one computer in a school. The school are running CC3 so i done the process of making the package for the software and i have distrubted the package to the rest of the workstations. This is where the problem arises!!!!!!

    First off making a package within RM is just like installing a program as normal on a workstation but with scans before you start and one after the install has complete. Then what was every installed in the middle was the package. So i did the first scan after that was completed i installed the software on one computer as stated before, after the install complete i decided to run the software. The program started and asked for activation so i went throught the process. When installing the program i put in the key which was provided. So when activating the program you have two options, you can Automatic activation or email activation. I decided to run with the Automatic activation the process only took a few seconds and it was done the program was fully useable. I closed the program and run the second scan.

    After i asssisged all computer the package i tested it on one computer, this is where the problem is , Logged in as administrator i opened the program and it asked to be activated so i did the process again on the computer all works fine. But if a user logs in the activated window comes up again, so we do the same process but this time the Automatic activation can not complete making the program unuseable.

    So to concluded the program is installed on each computer if i log on as administartor i can run the program but if i log on as a user i cant get pass the Automatic activation. Here is the weird thing on the computer where i first installed the program all users can use it, the window for activation does not appear. On each computer the the shortcut is looking at the same place and i have copyed over the Application data from Documents and Settings from the working computer to another and it makes no differents. Please help i am out of ideas


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    I know from past software deployment that you have to sometimes enter the registry key information into the user profile hive. It can be done from a script if you are using roaming profiles or easier if you are using a central profile like a mandatory one.

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