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Windows Thread, synchronize laptop in Technical; Our laptops synchronize with the staff users folder whenever there connected to the network. We had a member of the ...
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    synchronize laptop

    Our laptops synchronize with the staff users folder whenever there connected to the network. We had a member of the SLT come into out office wanting to try to synchronize as he has been having problems, he walked through the door and dropped his laptop and it wont boot properly before i begin to look at fixing this i wont to back up his My docs on the laptop as it has not beem synchronize since last half term. So i took hdd and installed it as a 2nd drive navigated to his users documents and settings and then my docs and im unable to see them . Can anyone point me to where they might be and how to retrive them read in places about the csc and using the cmd utility but it is confusing me. Many thanks.

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    The offline files cache is stored in a completely different place, the best article to read is this Microsoft knowledgebase one Structure of the Offline Files Cache Folder

    Word of warning, if more than one user has logged onto the laptop then there will be multiple users files all jumbled up in that folder, and also if you have encryption turned on for your offline files, you won't be able to read them by putting the drive into another machine.

    Best thing to do is back up that entire hard drive somewhere, then try and repair windows XP. the offline files cache should remain preserved as will all the users settings.


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    Could try his HDD into a same model laptop as the one he dropped, might boot normally and sync!?

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