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Windows Thread, Students and Headphones.... in Technical; We ask students to provide their own headphones for use during all lessons. In one suite which we use for ...
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    We ask students to provide their own headphones for use during all lessons.

    In one suite which we use for extended schools etc we have the headphones with the single cable to one ear and we hang them up in a cupboard with a broom shank across. I.e. hooking the headphones across and let them dangle - much better than gettign the students to wrap the cables up etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p858snake View Post
    Try having the setvol and mute utilites tools (they can be scripted, so you can have all the machines the same at login).

    Also try getting the headphones that have the coloured sockets (if your desktops have the ports with the rings of colour around them).

    Depending how you keep your headphones (eg: a set per classroom you could try)
    1. If theres a storeroom or cupboard, on the back of the door have several rows of cup hooks and they just put them back after use
    2. Box and each set are put in a resealable plastic bag (glad snap lock bags come to mind)
    3. Have a hanging wall sheet with pockets for them, Have a talk to your home ec/sewing departments about these, although my attach piccy of it shows seperate pockets the one that the science deptarment had at school just had one long bit with the pockets sewen inbetween.
    Image attachment key:
    1. Cup Hooks
    2. Peice of wood
    3. Fabric

    Attachment 4039
    Theres a problem with 2 - we found that even when each year-group had there own earphones they where never put back properly whatever happened . Only when it came to cat tests did they get more.

    Least you don't have proper speakers in the rooms as well.

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    We are going to supply 1 in-ear headphone set per student at the beginning of this year, and if they break or lose them then they will have to supply a new pair themselves.

    If you hunt around the internet, you can get bulk deals on them for as cheap as 50p a pair, and that works out a lot cheaper than buying decent headphones for the places that need or want them.


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    I Agree

    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    My son's secondary school has gone down the route of telling the kids to provide their own in-ear headphones. They can be bought for a couple of quid through the finance office or you can use your own. The kids soon get the message that there's no sound unless they bring headphones!
    This year I have added headphones and a data key as 'essential kit' to the academic year booklist for all students, so that they are responsible for their own warez. If broken then they replace them at their own expense.

    Just waiting to see what the response is like when we go back to school!

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    We're lucky in Adult Ed that stuff doesn't get trashed but storing the headphones is always an interesting problem... they usually end up all over the desk but the new PC tower holders have drawers in so they can go in those now

    As for the volume on mic I noticed this when building the new image for summer... what you need is microphone boost enabled and the setvol utility that's floating round here somewhere to reset the volume to say 75% at each boot

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