I know this is probably really simple but I just cant see what it is!!!

I'm looking to migrate our current PMP6 Access database to MSSQL 2005 Standard as I think the amount of printing is getting too much for the Access database to cope with. I have installed PMP with all typical options, specifying the MSSQL server to connect to, install runs fine and creates database.
As I would like to keep the current printing history, I imported each of the tables from the Access database into MSSQL but didnt change any of the tables designs.

Now when I run PMP, it seems to connect to the DB, lists all the users as having accounts but then doesnt do:
-Any limits on users/groups
-Cannot change any credit limits
-Cannot change any settings for printers
I've checked that the account being used to run PMP has full access to the MSSQL server (Domain Admin account) and when profiling the database it seems to be doing SOMETHING, although there isnt any SQL statements that one would normally expect to see (such as SELECT, INSERT, etc)

Any ideas what I have done wrong? The server is running 2003 SP2 as well as MSSQL 2005 Standard. PMP is version 6.1 also installed onto Server 2003 SP2. The SQL server is already hosting another database which is running fine with similar settings.

Many thanks