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Windows Thread, Disclaimer for looking into staff and students files in Technical; Hi Does anyone have a Disclaimer signed by the Head to say you are allowed to look into staff personal ...
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    Disclaimer for looking into staff and students files


    Does anyone have a Disclaimer signed by the Head to say you are allowed to look into staff personal files on the server?
    I guess this applies to students too?

    We are about to start introducing a more detailed ICT policy which mentions about Network administrator being able to look into staff files but do i need one also signed by the Head to say she allows me to do so?

    We are just about to hand over our EMBC local filtering control to EMBC as i do not want any hastle with all this Child Pornography stuff going on as according to our ICT curriculum advisor if anyone gets involved in this and can access materials through websites that gets through the filtering then i can be made accountable!!!!


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    We all have to sign a 'proper behaviour' type statement about not doing naughty things on the computers, not using others passwords, accessing files etc.
    I refused to sign it as I pointed out that I could not do my job if I did!
    So.. they redrafted a version for me which explicitly states that I CAN access other peoples files and folders in the course of my job. I have asked them to amend the policy as well.
    This seems OK as it is an official school document

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    If the policy has been agreed and signed off by the headteacher / governors then there will not be a problem.

    Also you will not be made accountable for any filtering issues - the headteacher / governor are ultimately responsible.

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    It is in my job description that I can investigate the contents of other people's home drives and email, but only with the express permission of the HT. I prefer it that way and I'm in a small school, so it works.

    When introducing new staff to their logons, I always inform them that I can, if I need to, access their files... I also tell them that I also have better things to do with my time and that I will only do so if there has been a concern raised.

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