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Windows Thread, Windows XP S3 Sleep mode in Technical; One thing that annoyed me about XP on netbooks is startup time which is why I went to 7 RC ...
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    Windows XP S3 Sleep mode

    One thing that annoyed me about XP on netbooks is startup time which is why I went to 7 RC as the sleep mode is excellent. I did recently discover that XP also supports S3 sleep but it isn't enabled by default as most hardware in 2001 didn't support it.

    You need to run "dumppo cap" to find if your system is capable, you're looking for S3 in the System states supported field.

    The "dumppo admin" command will tell you the current settings, probably Min sleep state :S1 which is teh default.

    "dumppo admin /ac minsleep=s3" this will set S3 sleep mode, reboot and next time you select "Standby" your XP OS should enter S3 mode.

    To do this all you need is a copy of dumppo.exe and the following link.

    On PC Power Saving -- S1 to S3 standby - dumppo.exe

    Some of you probably knew this already but as so many people have told me that XP doesn't support sleep I assumed quite a few didn't so it was worth a post

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