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Windows Thread, Security Groups in 2003 in Technical; Bit of a punt - but, does anyone know of a way to find out where certain security groups are ...
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    Security Groups in 2003

    Bit of a punt - but, does anyone know of a way to find out where certain security groups are used on a 2k3 server - I've found a couple of what appear to be duplicate security groups in AD - and would like to delete them - but obviously I need to know if/where they are used (if at all) - but I don't want to have to look at the permissions of each share/folder by hand - anybody know?


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    Re: Security Groups in 2003

    Double-click on the group in Users and Computers and see who is a member of it. This should help you figure out what they are for.

    You could also disable them (I think that this is possible) and see what breaks

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