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Windows Thread, Issue using Ping Image multicast in Technical; I have just started to look at setting up out new set of Samsung netbooks. I have previously used Partimage ...
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    Issue using Ping Image multicast

    I have just started to look at setting up out new set of Samsung netbooks. I have previously used Partimage as part of the RescueCD and imaged individual PC's to and from an external HD with no problems, however with 20 netbooks to do decided to take the plunge and look at multicasting the image. Set up a PC to act as a PXE server without problem and then set up PING. Tried to image the base PC and it logged on via PXE :-), strated the image software :-), then started to image the disk :-), but then after a short while it just crashed and did not complete the image :-(. Thinking it was the imgaes server PC found a different one and set up again with the same result. Imaged the disk eventually to an external HD using partimage on the RescueCD no problems. Any ideas what it could have been, any error messages seen seem to be about a slow response before it crashed. Can only think it may have been the hd setup on the client pc or the network card (they are Fujitsu esprimos).
    Or should I just throw the towel in and go the FOG route or would i get the same problem as it uses Partimage as well?

    Edit: Just looked at the FOG site for compatible hardware and they suggest that for Fujitsu PC's you need the adjust the SATA settings in the Bios to compatible or advanced depending on the model so that may be where my problem was. Go the image now so I'll see what happens when I have sorted out the image on the Samsung for multicasting etc.
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