We have a Kyocera FS-c8008c down in our DT dept but we're having problems with the drivers.

We run a print server and normally everything goes through that. that still works fine. We have recently upgraded the computers in one of the classrooms but we can't get the printer to come up for all the users through the print server. We have however managed to get it to print directly, but this is where the head against brick wall starts. I have looked at the properties of the printer for going directly to the printer and the properties on the print server and all settings are exactly the same. however when we print from the new computers it sends it through on manual feed and when it goes though from the print server it's fine - any ideas as continual banging of head against wall is going to hurt and may disturb classes

(may also be of help: we're running windows XP on the workstations with WinSuite2000 to interfear and the print server is Windows2003)

Thanks for the help