I've fixed this now but have not come accross this before on Ghost 8.0

Testing a image on some Vig610's - built the image, took a ghost snapshot of it using the NDIS2 driver - works fine - got the image.
Now I update the base image - windows updates, updated drivers, join the domain install my base line apps etc etc. Go to take the image again - boots, won't image with a can't find DHCP server error message.
Scratching my head, delete the address, take it out of DNS, flush DNS, give it a hard address, change it to PCDOS still won't build. Then remembered I updated the drivers on the NIC. Rolled back to the version I ghosted it on and it works fine.
I'm sure I've updated NIC drivers after I have taken a snapshot on PCs before, then taken another snapshot and its worked....Oh well - put this one down to experience.