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Windows Thread, A Virtual PC for MSI creation in Technical; I just want to check something - when creating a 'clean PC' for creating MSIs I generally use a virtual ...
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    A Virtual PC for MSI creation

    I just want to check something - when creating a 'clean PC' for creating MSIs I generally use a virtual PC.

    What is the position on installing the tools that come with it. YOu know the ones to make the virtual pc easier to use etc.

    Will they get captured in any MSI creation and need to have the references deleted from any MSI? Do I need to vpc to catch the GPOs or does it need to be totally clean (yet on the network).

    Does this make sense?



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    As long as your first snapshot is taken after you've installed the vmware tools then it shouldn't get captured.


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    I use Virtualbox for MSIs and try to make the install as clean as possible.

    Therefore I don't install the tools and don't join it to the network. To be honest I am not sure if they will effect the capture but why take the risk?

    I have a virtual domain machine to test installs on and so far this has proved to be a successful method.

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