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Windows Thread, Moving from CA etrust to SOPHOS in Technical; Is there any problems using the same server for managing both a/v solutions as we transition from etrust to sophos? ...
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    Moving from CA etrust to SOPHOS

    Is there any problems using the same server for managing both a/v solutions as we transition from etrust to sophos?


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    They usually dont play well together. Remember to install the console first then protect the server with the sophos AV then push to the clients. This builds the certificates then push to the clients.

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    As long as you have the scheduled scans and importantly the realtime scanning only enabled on one at a time this should be possible but be prepared for all sorts of pain if the realtime scanning engines meet eachother in a running state.

    Personally I would test out the running config on a workstation first with both installed but only one realtime active. This should allow you to check that either of the systems do not do anything funny to the underlying OS. I know that Nortons + eTrust will lock a machine solid at the logon screen if both have reltime active (forgotten old workstation - don't ask).

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