Okay this is where it gets a little fun.

Science Explorer Requirements:

- IBM PC Compatible 486 or above (minimum 386);
- 4 megabytes RAM;
- SVGA Graphics (256 colours);
- MS-DOS 5.0 or above;
- Microsoft Windows 3.1 or above;
- CD-ROM drive (double speed);
- Mouse;
- Soundcard.

Now before you all shout and me and tell me not to even bother and tell the ICT Co-ordinator to get some new software more in date. Here's my problem:

We've just upgraded one of our feeder schools to CC4 (don't even start on that one ) and I'm in the process of packaging software on a lovely development server that we have on loan from RM.

I've packaged the software into an MSI and imported it into the management console and allocated it out. No problems. The software runs fine as a System Administrator but doesn't as a student.

I've so far determined that it launches SCEX.exe (in the Prog Files) which utilises the Windows NT DOS Virtual Machine (ntvdm.exe) from the System32 directory. So I went and set up the necessary exceptions but it still doesn't work I imagine because it has some ridicoulous process in the middle which indicates SCEX.exe launches X then that launches ntvdm.exe.

Anyone had any dealings with this software? or can anyone suggest an application which would possibly help me detect what the application is launching/files it's accessing?

I'm pretty sure it's just a case of setting up another exception but as to what I'm not sure and the company ceased to exist years ago.