Howdy all,

Right, we have an old RM 2.4 system with the email server on (IMail). In the users "mywork\appdata" folders used to be contained their mailboxes and their addressbooks.

County have just moved the email server to our secondary CC3 server. Included in this was the moving on the mailboxes and supposedly the addressbooks as well. The addressbooks just DONT work though, and their solution has been to 'reset everyones profile'. They tried to do the migration with a vbs that copied everything accross and that got fouled up by something so then they XCopy'd all the mailboxes accross (works!) and then the addressbooks. But they're either blank or come up with errors about not being able to open the addressbooks or "Outlook express is incorrectly configured". Does anyone have any idea how I can mass-migrate everyones books accross, or if its even possible?! They did mention importing them from the WAB's on the old server but A: That'd take an age. B: It errors on my bosses account with "An Error Occured In The Import Process. The Import Process Could Not Be Completed". Arrrggg Its driving me spare, yet the whiplash from teachers with "WELL HOW CAN I EMAIL ANYONE NOW?" is one to be avoided :S

Thanks Muchly