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Windows Thread, Account Locking Out in Technical; On my Windows 2003 domain, the staff and Student accounts keep locking out. I have gone on to the Domain ...
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    Account Locking Out

    On my Windows 2003 domain, the staff and Student accounts keep locking out.

    I have gone on to the Domain policy and set Account Lockout Policy to Not Difined.

    Any ideas, Its becoming a pain to keep have to go into users and unlock them.


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    Ut Oh...

    I suggest you go read the thread on the Conficker virus in this forum. One of confickers tricks is to disable accounts.

    Make sure your AV solution is upto date and that your MS updates are current. Specifically you need to check all your machines / servers have update 958644.

    Good luck and I really hope you are not facing a conficker infection.

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    Also - your security logs (event log on domain controller(s)) should show you which workstations are attempting to log in repeatedly.
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    Don't set the policies to undefined - this doesn't unset them, just stops enforcing that setting (weird concept, I know). Set them to disabled (so, set the account lockout threshold to 0 for example). You'll probably find it's kids trying to guess each others' passwords, I've had to disable lockouts completely before because of this problem.

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    yep sounds like you have the conficker virus! Find the big thread and get the patches applied!

    Use wireshark to find which machines are causing the problems! You can see the packets which are being sent from non patched machines etc

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