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Windows Thread, Is there a file limit using w2k3? in Technical; I'm copying my chickcam pics from a laptop to a folder on a w2k3 server and after a few hours ...
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    Is there a file limit using w2k3?

    I'm copying my chickcam pics from a laptop to a folder on a w2k3 server and after a few hours worth (1 pic every 2 secs) I get an error saying can't create the file on the server.

    If I create a new folder and start again from the point it failed , it carries on fine and then fails again (
    a few hours worth later)

    I've not changed any defaults and I'm wondering if there's some setting I can adjust - googling doesn't give me anything



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    not as far as I'm aware - but I know it does sometimes fall over with large amounts.

    Maybe try robocopy?

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    As long as you are using NTFS you would have to be running it for a long time to hit the limit of 4,294,967,295 per folder (and total on the disk) - Is there a limit to what a single folder or directory can hold? - Ask Leo! . I would also suggest using a program like robocopy that does not enumerate the folder that it is sending the file to before coping. You could also look at having a script that keeps a refference frame of the latest 100 photos and pushing the others out if the amount of files is slowing the site down.

    At the end you could chuck the whole lot into something like moviemaker and make yourself a nice timelapse movie of the whole process from start to finnish quite easily.

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