I know this topic has been covered a few dozen times elsewhere but my head is spinning and I'm dealing with a large number of changes (yes, yes I know!) that have created something of a mess.

In a nutshell I blitzed a network which has had numerous freezes (caused by Sophos) and issues with hard drive followed by profile corruption. The short version is that I re-RIS'd the entire network, created a new share for profiles and another for application data then started copying data back across.

Now the problem seems to be that offline synchronisation is freezing on random documents or files and on specific computers. Some computers work fine with the profiles while others will just hang.

I'm guessing that the server itself may have some hard disk corruption so I'll be doing a chkdsk /R on that later but I'm wondering if there's anything else I've missed.

One key change I've "tried" to implement is to disable offline files in the Computer > Admin Templates > Network > Offline Files section (staff laptops have an override).. The GPO modelling wizard indicates it should be working but for whatever reason the computers are not picking up on it.

Probably the only other bit of data to add is that the folders being taken as off-line are redirected My docs, etc... So I'm wondering if this is affecting things...

Ultimately my main concern isn't stopping the offline folders so much as stopping the machines from freezing.. Any ideas?