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Windows Thread, Checking Applied GPOs in Technical; Hi, I have a GPO here that deletes the user profiles upon logoff. It doesn't seem to be working - ...
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    Checking Applied GPOs


    I have a GPO here that deletes the user profiles upon logoff. It doesn't seem to be working - yet it did work for a while.

    Isn't there a command I can run on machines that tells me which GPOs have been applied to a particular machine?


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    When logged in run RSOP.msc - this will show you all gpo's that have been applied and any errors that have occured.

    This will only show the group policy's for the currently logged in user

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    I think what you're after is gpresult.

    It has the following switches:
    - /s <computer name> - denotes a remote system to connect to
    - /u <domain\user> - denotes the user to run under
    - /p <password> - the user's password, it'll ask you for one if you leave it out
    - /scope <user/computer> - whether to display user or computer settings
    - /user <domain\user> - denotes the user to analyse
    - /v - verbose information, gives additional information on policies applied with a high precedence
    - /z - super-verbose, gives information on all policies applied with precedence of 1 and higher, useful for check if it has been applied in multiple places

    Type /? to get the above information.

    Since it tends to display a lot of information I usually pipe the result into a text file which can then be checked at leisure. ( > filename dumps the results into a designated file)

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