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Windows Thread, Access: Lost menu bar...part solution. in Technical; I have some databases which I have inherited. When they open they quite often (99% of the time) do not ...
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    Access: Lost menu bar...part solution.

    I have some databases which I have inherited.

    When they open they quite often (99% of the time) do not show a menu-bar.

    I've found from some searching that I can solve this each time I open the database by :

    Open Access then go to the Immediate window (ctrl G). Paste
    commandbars("menu bar").Enabled = true in the window and hit "enter". This
    restores the Menu Bar!!

    However I would like to go one step further and for these databases where it is a problem have this command run as the database opens.

    I've tried messing with the Macros, created one called autoexec, which ran at startup but I could nt seem to get the code:
    "commandbars("menu bar").Enabled = true" to activate.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Hmmm so is it just on some databases or is it on all databases didn't realise some could turn off the menu, have you opened the database on a different machine etc? only ran into it being disabled by user error before and we just cleared the profile all sorted.

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    what version of access / microsoft office is it ?

    I think if you go to view --> options or something like that you can force it to keep the menu bar or something weird like that.

    commandbars("menu bar").Enabled = "true"

    try that

    If you let me know what version I can load windows and have a play.

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