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Windows Thread, IE7 organising favourties in Technical; Hi guys, weve got a mini little problem with our IE7 that i was wondering if you could help with. ...
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    IE7 organising favourties

    Hi guys, weve got a mini little problem with our IE7 that i was wondering if you could help with.

    It seems that now we have switched to 7 people are unable organise there favourites.

    All the profiles are roaming.

    When trying to move a favourite into a folder the following message pops up:

    "This folder C:\Documents and Settings\username\favourites cannot be used. Please chose another folder"

    They are able to create a new folder, but cannot then move a link into it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Ye we had a similar issue with this at one point, Check out this link (i think its the same link we used to sort it, let me know if it works if not i'll forward the gpo we are using at work) : Redirecting IE Favorites via GPO - Windowmaker's blog

    It lets you move the IE7 shortcuts to a different folder we simply have it redirect to there N drive which is where there documents are stored. Also means when we clear there profiles they still keep there favourites


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    Yep - this is exactly what we do too, damn pain though. I will add this to my "to-do" list for my blog, showing how we did it (including moving everyones existing favs). If I've not posted it by the end of the week - PM me to remind me and I will send it across.


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