I am having problems with a Packard Bell I Media 5067 but, having looked around on the internet, it is most certainly not an individual case or tied to this machine.

It is running xp sp3 with Norton on board (relevant?) and will not boot up on a 'Normal' windows setting. If you try this the monitor goes blank and the pc seems to give up the will to live.

I did manage to get it going in safe mode and ran diskcheck where the return was entirely positive. On the restart, however, the system stopped loading at the agpcpq.sys (system32 driver).

Now it refuses to go beyond this point.

My colleague, whose computer this is, previously ran a his registry tool with no postive results.

The machine now seems to be in a downward spiral and simply refuses to load up.

The search engine results that I have trawled through give contradictory answers with no clear path to tread.