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Windows Thread, Exchange 2003 - global diary ?? in Technical; OK just setup exchange (internal only at mo) for the staff at a primar school. Now they want a global/school ...
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    Exchange 2003 - global diary ??

    OK just setup exchange (internal only at mo) for the staff at a primar school.

    Now they want a global/school diary they can all access.
    I have setup a "Diary" user on the exchange box, so they can login to that and look at the calendar.

    I know I can share it out so they can all have access through their mailbox/calendar too.

    But im just looking for the simplest way of setting this up, they ONLY need the school diary globaly, so to setup a user that can be emailed too etc is just overkill ?

    Any advice appreciated


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    Re: Exchange 2003 - global diary ??

    Assuming your shared diary is in a public folder, you can simply setup an internet shortcut to go directly to the calendar. This will show only the calendar and controls.

    The URL will be something like:

    http://<your exchange server>/public/

    This will show a list of public folders in the browser that users can click on directly, assuming the permissions are correct, anyone should be able to read it but only certain people can actually make appointments or changes.

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