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Windows Thread, Stopping Pupils accessing things! in Technical; I'm sure this is beginners stuff to some but I have just noticed that the pupils can access control panel, ...
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    Stopping Pupils accessing things!

    I'm sure this is beginners stuff to some but I have just noticed that the pupils can access control panel, the c drive and all stuff like that

    Obviously I don't want this to happen - can you tell me where I would go, presumably in AD to stop this?

    Also - all computers internet home page was just changed (to msn I think).
    Is there a way to set them all at once or at least stop them being changed?
    We use a caching server


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    You will want to look into group policy, set restriction and as we have make your own start menu, defining exactly whats in the start menu. there are some good vide on GP by itidiots should still be able to access there old vids on iTunes.

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    To hide the contorl panelHOW TO: Hide Control Panel Tools in Windows Server 2003
    To hide specific drivesUsing Group Policy Objects to hide specified drives
    this is for server 2003.

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