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Windows Thread, Who logged on to workstation in Technical; Im sure this is very simple to find, but i cant for the life of me think where i could ...
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    Who logged on to workstation

    Im sure this is very simple to find, but i cant for the life of me think where i could look for it..

    I know the workstation name and i just wanted to know if there was anything in w2K server where i could see who logged onto a specific workstation and also visa versa

    is this possible, or are there any tools available where i can get this information.


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    Re: Who logged on to workstation

    On your computer, right click 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'

    Right Click 'Computer Management (local) and select 'Connect to another computer'

    Enter the workstation name

    Expand System Tools > Event Viewer and select 'Security'

    There you can find out successful log in attempts, or save the log file and search for specific users etc.

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    Re: Who logged on to workstation

    As stated this info is held on the individual pc in the security log.


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