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Windows Thread, USB drive, completely corrupt. in Technical; Hi I am in a bit of a pickle. I have been given a memory stick that has 3gb's of ...
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    USB drive, completely corrupt.


    I am in a bit of a pickle.

    I have been given a memory stick that has 3gb's of data on it.

    It has many MANY folders on it and thousands of documents.

    Many of the documents have come up as corrupt, some have no file extension, some have loads of random letters and/or symbols.

    I have downloaded PCinspector as advised in another thread... which has helped with a few of them.

    Basically, this memory stick has far too much ACTUAL work on it and has never been backed up. This stick hasn't been backed up as the user requested it not be backed up due to an unfortunate issue at another school.

    I know i might get a few "serves them right for refusing backup" but all I REALLY need now is an idea as to whether I am even able to get this stuff back...

    I have never seen a memory stick in such a bad state before but I NEED to get something recovered.

    This is about as important as it gets.

    Thanks in advance


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    Ok follow these simple and expensive steps:

    1) Leave the USB stick alone.
    2) Contact <insert favorite professional data recovery firm>
    3) Send off USB stick in a nice padded envelope.
    4) Recieve recovered data.
    5) Pay invoice of £hundreds to £thousands.

    If $USER is unwilling to pay for said service, the data can't of been that important. Regardless, give them a lecture on the importance of data backups.

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