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Windows Thread, Student Profiles in Technical; Techs, I have a problem at my school - Lammas - Sometimes student profiles get corrupted. Where the cant save ...
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    Student Profiles

    I have a problem at my school - Lammas - Sometimes student profiles get corrupted. Where the cant save documents because word for some reason will not save. What we do is just delete their profiles on the pc and server and have them log back in, creating a new profile. Only then they get all the settings from the student gpo. Is useing mandatory profiles the answer?

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    Pretty much, mandatory profiles will stop this from happening. You will have one master profile on the server and when the students finish on the clients the profile is deleted from them.

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    Profile problem

    We had this problem a year ago.

    We found that the ATI Catalyst Centre was the problem.

    When a user logged off a process belonging to the Catalyst Centre would not allow the workstation to copy the profile back to the server fully. It then corrupted the server version and left a locked copy on the workstation. The only way to remove the corrupt version on the workstation required a restart to release it from the process.

    We ended up using a previous version of an ATI video driver without the Catalyst Centre.

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