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Windows Thread, Terminal Server Licenses in Technical; I have 26 licenses based on per device. The problem I have is that my principal has come back to ...
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    Terminal Server Licenses

    I have 26 licenses based on per device.

    The problem I have is that my principal has come back to me wanting the VPN connection transfered over to his own personal laptop rather than on the school laptop.

    I thought this was okay since that can be done. However, on the TS server itself, I can't find a way to revoke the licence back to the server from the laptop and then have the principal's other laptop to pick it up.

    I haven't found anything credible to suggest that this is possible. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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    What server version are you using?

    If its Win2K3 then you cannot revoke a license, but it will have an expiry date after which it can be reissued.

    If its Win2K8 then it is possible to revoke a license once every (I think) 100 days. After this you need to wait the 100 days before you can revoke it again.

    Anything prior to Win2K3 won't allow you to revoke per device licenses.

    However under Win2K3 you can issue a temporary CAL which will last 90 days to the device. So long as the other device does not reconnect to the server this will last 90 days, while the expiry date of per-device CALs is a maximum of 89 days.
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    AFAIK if you have a schools agreement or similar you can swap your device cals to user cals via Microsoft clearinghouse. You wont get any tracking with user cals.

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