I used to have a screensaver called HTMLScreensaver which allowed you to simply point it to an html, swf file. The settings for where you wanted the screensaver to point are in the HKCU hive of the msi so this path wouldn't take effect if set on the screensaver's config window directly and allocated but strangely this still seemed to work as the screensaver's demo.htm file location seemed to be built in as it's default path so a redirect tag could be added to this file to point it where you wanted and all stations seemed to adhere to this even though accessing the config section directly on the station showed the path as "about:blank"....long winded i know but worked a treat, however since i upgrade to RM's CC4, the actual default path has changed to "about:blank" which displays a white blank page rather than it's demo file. I'm unsure as to why this is behaving differently now seeing as the core OS is still XP.

This was originally showing a Powerpoint presentation in HTML format and so far haven't been able to find an alternative. I would like to use a similar format to what i was using but the HTML screensaver doesn't look like it's going to play ball so was wondering what ideas solutions other people may have or use!?