Hi folks,

I am in need of some assitance. I have a HP DL380 and today we experienced a hard drive problem when the server fell over and wouldn't reboot! On looking at the server there was a problem with the RAID setup. The HP 5i storage controller was complaining that one of the drives had been removed. It was presenting me with two options - F1 continue or F2 accept the data loss and re-enable the logical drive. After a while of deliberating and not getting anywhere i pressed F2 to enable the drive.

It still didnt boot. This time going a bit further but saying invalid boot.ini file! I am guessing something has been damaged!! The problem is i need to get a couple of databse files off their asap.

I am hoping i could just run thw windows 2003 server setup program and just repair the installation. The problem is the server is at the other end of the country in a data centre in London and I am in Liverpool.

There is a ILO card in the server with a remote console. I thought i might be able to boot from a linux live CD and access the NTFS disk and copy them across to another server. I have so far tried knoppix, slax, kbuntu and ubuntu and they all fail to load. I think it may be something to do with the virtual media in am using through the ILO card. I am downloading them off the net and then using virtual clone cd from slysoft to mount them. This must have something to do with it.

I have had a look in the RAID controller setup and all of the drives are reporting that they are OK. The logical drive was disabled but i enabled it again pressing F2 above.

Anyone any ideas on how i might get the stuff off the drives? The data is on the D drive.