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Windows Thread, Dead shortcut link in startup in Technical; Hi all, I've been looking at this forum for a couple of days, I indirectly heard about it from 'openhgs' ...
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    Dead shortcut link in startup

    Hi all,

    I've been looking at this forum for a couple of days, I indirectly heard about it from 'openhgs' who some of you might have seen around here in the linux sections. Anyway I have recently been appointed technician in two primary schools in Birmingham and I have come across a minor annoyance, which i'm not too certain how to solve.

    There is a smartboard program installed on the odd machine that is connected to a smartboard. To make it easier for the teachers, the smartboard tools software was loaded into the startup folder on the start-menu, so then of course when someone logs into a machine that doesn't have the software installed, it comes up with a dead link error. I've noticed that this only occurs on a win2k machine, our XP machines seem to ignore the fact that it's a dead link. Is there any way of getting the win2k machines to ignore it if the link is dead? I thought there might be a small line to add into the shortcut link but I can't figure out what it might be, if it exists?


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    Re: Dead shortcut link in startup

    Rather than have the shortcut there you could place a small batch file with code like

    if exist \%programfiles%\smarttech start smarttools.exe
    Which would check for the instance of the smart tools and then run it if found.
    Please not the above is probably not the correct syntax and I made up the paths but you get the idea

    I would be tempted though to just create a script to look to see if the smart boad stuff is loaded on and if not delete this shortcut.

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