Write enough code and your next util is mostly a cut & paste from an old one. I've just made one very, very quicky called "DoToOU" because I wanted to point an arbitrary command at every computer in or below an arbitrary OU in AD. Kind of like this:

DoToOU someOU "C:\Some Folder\app.exe" /c:%comp% /v /r:"D:\Some Other Folder"

someOU: is in easy format (if there's only one called "Room 1" that's all you need to type and you can qualify that with parent OUs until it is sufficiently unique e.g. "C-Block\Room 1")

%comp%: where I put the computer name before executing the command.

The rest is the external command and it's arguments/switches.


Does anything like that exist already and if not, would it be genuinely useful?

It achieves what I want now, but I'm trying to decide whether it's worth spending any more time (sometime) with idiot-proofing, an option to test whether comps are alive before doing anything and multi-threading to speed it all up by spitting out commands concurrently.