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Windows Thread, Groupshield blocking OMA unread emails in Technical; We have recently bought 14 HTC TYTN11 for staff. So I have set them up for OMA acess. I have ...
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    Groupshield blocking OMA unread emails

    We have recently bought 14 HTC TYTN11 for staff. So I have set them up for OMA acess. I have not been able to download any unread email (opened read ones okay) or calender entries until I turned off McAfee Greoupshield 7. Then everything works fine. Does anyone please know where the settings are in Groupshield to allow this.

    Thanks on anticipation

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    Gonna hazzard a total guess here, I've never used the version of McAfee your talking about but one version I have used has given me a number of problems with applications that send emails (which I'm guessing is what your OMA agent may be doing in one form or another).

    Try (If it exists) changing the exceptions setting in the firewall section of your McAfee. I often need to allow communication over port 25 (McAfee Identifies this as a port potentially used by malicious worms) in the problem version of McAfee to allow my applications to send notification emails.

    If it doesn't change the situation you can always switch it back on and then your down to the pain in the backsid job that is working out which setting is causing the problem.

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