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Windows Thread, Printing Confusion in Technical; Hi everyone, We have a printer setup in our main school office which has 3 trays. Tray 2 is setup ...
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    Printing Confusion

    Hi everyone,

    We have a printer setup in our main school office which has 3 trays.

    Tray 2 is setup for letter headed paper and tray 3 for plain a4.

    In word 2003 all the staff usually have to do is select if they are printing letter or plain when they go to print and it auto selects the correct tray.

    However when they do a mail merge using a template which has been setup in 2003 the printer will only print to the letterhead tray even if it is told it is only a plain a4 page.

    The printer is setup to use the trays exclusivly to the paper it is being told to use so this is really confusing me.

    Can anyone help???

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    I have this issue with all photocopiers. MS Word will send mail merge documents to the bypass tray. The only solution is File > Print > Properties, then manually specify the A4 paper tray.
    I believe this is by design (on Microsoft's part), as they work on the assumption all mail merge documents are to be printed on label sheets. This isn't always the case.

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