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Windows Thread, Print Manager 6... Help in Technical; Originally Posted by BaccyNet @elsiegee40 - I hate to disagree but we have had PMP installed here for years and ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaccyNet View Post
    @elsiegee40 - I hate to disagree but we have had PMP installed here for years and none of our computers have the EUIT. We are now on version 6 and the only issue we have at the moment is the system not refreshing quotas after a weekend like it should.

    You are right - I have engaged brain now. Print Manager will do its stuff without EUIT, but the user does not get told how much balance they have left, or other messages without it.

    We DID have problems that were caused by the new version of EUIT - and only got PMP working went we went back a version of EUIT.

    I will edit my previous post

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    Dare I suggest try user support. When we had a problem (not this one) they were great although the time difference made it tricky sometimes they even phoned me. Just a couple of thoughts; are the printers listed? To load the users from AD the service needs to be running under an adminstrator login not the local system account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    You have installed the client end on the PCs that are printing, haven't you?
    you dont need any client software for the pmp server to work and count the print jobs. There is a client billing and authentication client but these are optional.

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    I would email or ring support if I were you. They were very helpful (as was elsiegee) when I had huge problems installing Print Manager in the summer.
    I dealt with Allen Giebel who was very helpful

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    My experience with PMP support is excellent.

    Can't think why your printers are not logging in PMP though.

    Are you logging to a SQL server or some other database?

    I would suggest their support pages and go through step by step the solutions they will list for just this issue.

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    Currently we are using Print manager plus not totally sure on the version, And we had a similar problem that the reporting wasn't picking up anything that was actually sent threw some of are printers, The actually problem was sorted by updating the drivers on the server for those printers, wierd but it sorted it after a reboot.


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