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Windows Thread, Corrupts JPG's in Technical; Hello everyone, do any of you know of a good jpg repair program? A couple of days ago we had ...
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    Question Corrupts JPG's

    Hello everyone, do any of you know of a good jpg repair program?

    A couple of days ago we had an accidental deletion of a load of Photography coursework before the bakups had ran.

    I have managed to recover the files using a program called "Recover Files 2.0" which has been very good for freebee downloaded off download.com. However some of the jpg files wont open even though they have the same file sizes as the orginal.

    Anyone able to help?


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    If you've recovered files that are the same size as the originals but don't open, it's likely the recovery program has just grabbed the filesize, the filename and then grabbed that amount of data from where the file should have been. If it won't open anymore then the file is likely filled with junk data/had been overwritten. Nothing will magically recreate all the missing data within a single file - there are a few apps for fixing corrupt jpeg headers etc when you get odd colour tints, but you can't magic back what isn't available. Sorry..

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