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Windows Thread, Getting in a muddle with SQL Server in Technical; Im not a great master of SQL, I've installed MSDE and SQL Express and have apps using them but I ...
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    Getting in a muddle with SQL Server

    Im not a great master of SQL, I've installed MSDE and SQL Express and have apps using them but I dont know much so I could do with some help.

    Ive got a server with 2 apps needing SQL databases on. The apps are Policy Central Enterprise and Visual Audit.

    Originally, both ran on MSDE (if thats the proper name - the old free one anyway) but recently we had a big upgrade to Visual Audit which I think required me to install SQL Express 2005.

    I installed this, but as I wasnt too bothered about converting the DB or anything (since Visual Audit has an import tool) I just installed it alongside MSDE and created a new database.

    Now, however, I need to upgrade PCE as well, and that too needs SQL 2005. There are instructions on how to install it and keep your settings, but I cant do this because I already have 2005 installed.

    So somehow I need to convert the PCE database to 2005 and ideally remove MSDE to stop the confusion in the future. But Im getting confused on how to do this, not least because both the MSDE and 2005 service managers seem to see both databases.

    How do I go about this? Im sure its doable and probably quite easy, but Im getting a bit confused

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    I believe the SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 Service Managers are started from shortcuts within the Startup folder. Once you have SQL 2005 Service Manager installed, it should be safe to delete the SQL 2000 Service Manager shortcut, logoff, then log back on.

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