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Windows Thread, Very, very weird permissions and inheritance problem in Technical; I cannot work out how or why this has happened. For some reason, out of nowhere, a whole year groups ...
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    Very, very weird permissions and inheritance problem

    I cannot work out how or why this has happened.

    For some reason, out of nowhere, a whole year groups permissions have just done something really weird.

    They all used to be set as year10 group have permission to list folders, this is set at the year 10 folder level. That bit is still working. To give them all full control of their own folders, I used CACLS when I was creating the folders, they all had full permission and that was inherited down to anything they create.
    For users that arrived later, I let AD create the folders when I created the user and put the path into the home drive box.

    Now, unlike all the other years, every user (bar 1 or 2) in year 10 has their name in the ACL, but everything is unticked except special permissons. I go into advanced, and it does confirm they have full control, but only over that folder - not all child files and folders. So if we put a file in their docs for them (as we just had to do which is what made me discover this) the permissions dont propogate down and they cant access the file.

    And the strangest thing is that it says that them listed as full control is inherited from the parent folder??? How can that in any way be possible? The parent quite obviously is NOT set with each of their usernames on the ACL so why is it saying it is inheriting it?

    To make it worse, when I try and use CACLS to set the full permissions again, I get 'the data is invalid' - the path and syntax is 100% right, I can guarantee that - it works on other folders fine.
    It does however work manually.

    But what is going on? Why is it all screwed up so much?

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    Might be worth checking the ownership of folders and files is correct. I say this as I seem to remember that cacls can fail with that exact error is the person running the command doesn't have ownership of the folders and files it is working on.

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